Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tapering and Planning - The Countdown Begins!

Having managed through our heavy training week ending with Waterside C on 12 March, our training has certainly changed pace. Whether it is ideal or not the last 10 days have seen us out in our boat only twice due to my work and family commitments (sorry Liz!). It just goes to show that even when you sign up to do something like this you still have to back peddle sometimes.

We have been spending our time doing some well needed land based preparations and guess what, that has even involved some retail therapy! Having received our registration details we found a list of kit which we are required to carry in our boat at all times, if we don't and we fail a kit inspection we get a time penalty! The list includes some logical things like spare food and drink, but also some slightly more worrying things like a survival bag, whistle and torch - incase we get lost!!!

We have less than 2 weeks before we head off so we are really winding down on the miles and winding up on our portage revision! Speaking to the "wise heads" at the Nottingham Kayak Club we should spend our last 7 days doing nothing but eating carbohydrates and sleeping - wouldn't that be a nice thought, nobody has told them that the last 7 days is the first week of the Easter holidays and with 6 children between us to entertain, feed and referee I can't see that happening!

Thanks for reading, don't forget to pop back and see how our last 2 weeks progress and then make a regular trip to the Channeling Positivity site during the event as Justine will be uploading a daily report through Tom and Phil our vital support crew.

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