Friday, 20 May 2011


Last night i had my first ever NLP session with Louisa Lera at the Natural Health Centre in Nottingham.

It was so great!

After seeing David Walliams being hypnotised by Paul McKenna before his Channel swim, I thought it may be worth a shot to help with my fears and concerns about our forthcoming challenge.

My main fears are focussed around swimming in the dark and swimming with unknown creatures (not justine.. i know her lol!!)

To cut a long story short.. by the end of the session my fear about the 4 foot long 'sneaky and sly', slimy sludgy brown fish creatures that might swim next to me... had turned into a sausage that was swimming next to me and keeping me company and actually guiding me and helping me through the swim!! I know how mad that sounds... but every time i think of the sludgy brown things.. within seconds they have turned into funny swimming sausages!!!!!

I left the session feeling really happy.. and SO excited about the swim.. and instead of being scared of certain aspects.. i now feel that they will only add to the whole experience!

It really is fascinating and Louisa has suggested that i come back to see her again nearer the swim so that we can work on some other things.

Louisa has also, very kindly offered to donate 10% of her fee for my sessions to the Teenage Cancer Trust, which is such a lovely thing to do. I have been really overwhelmed by the generosity of people we have worked with throughout this project, also this week one of my work friends, Reg has arranged to donate some money raised through a Jamie Oliver party she's having! It it really appreciated and we can't thank people enough!

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